Meet the Most Spirited Mat: Ray Barrie-Kivel

Chris Berg, Staff Writer

In many sporting events, the intensity and support of the fans can be the deciding factor in the outcome of the game. That is the motivating factor for senior Ray Barrie-Kivel’s continuous attendance at Mats sporting events. “I’ve noticed throughout my time as a Mat that support from the fans during the games is crucial to their success, and also they are just fun. So why not come,” he said.

Barrie-Kivel is the heart and soul of Miramonte’s famous, or maybe infamous,“Sixth Man” for the basketball games. Any fan that’s attended these games has noticed his constant support for the Mats, and good-natured heckling of the opponents. “Basketball games in particular are so fun because we are very close to the action and are able to get into the head of our opponents,” Barrie-Kivel said.

Although he has done a great job garnering support for the more popular sports such as football and basketball, what is perhaps more impressive is the enthusiasm he has generated for the teams with less attendance at their games such as water polo, volleyball, and soccer. For example, Barrie-Kivel worked on a huge campaign to get more fans at the Lady Mats soccer games, and by the end of the season, many students were cheering them on to a NCS Championship. “Any high school sporting event can be fun, no matter what the sport is, as long as a lot of people go,” he said.

However, encouraging students to attend these games is no easy task. Barrie-Kivel, who is a rally leader, spends a lot of time convincing people to come watch the games. “Along with telling everyone I see in person about upcoming games, I post on various social media accounts such as @mats_stampede on Twitter, and the Class of 2015 Facebook page in order to motivate people to come out and support,” he said.

Barrie-Kivel himself sets an example by attending practically every home sporting event there is. “I know for a fact that I have attended every Miramonte home soccer, basketball, and women’s volleyball game this year,” he said.

With the spring sports season kicking off, Barrie-Kivel is excited for the lineup of sporting events. “I am playing volleyball, but I still plan to attend a lot of spring sporting events, and I especially expect to see the all of the second semester seniors out there too,” he said.

Miramonte is lucky to have someone as spirited as Ray BK. Let’s follow his example and make the spring sports season a fun one.