Behind the Screens of Humans of Miramonte


Maddie Geary, Business Manager

Have you ever wondered who is behind all the Humans of Miramonte posts on Instagram and Facebook? The mystery is now revealed: seniors Sarah Rockwood and Jessica Alvarado are the faces behind the screen.

Humans of New York, founded by Brandon Stanton in 2010 started out as an unknown blog that portrayed strangers around the city of New York. Over the past five years, Humans of New York has swept the nation and increased in popularity greatly because it depicts entertaining snippets into the lives of absolute strangers that reside in The Big Apple.

Brandon’s idea became an instant success and grew from one little blog to accounts on all social media sites and even inspired others to start similar accounts in different locations. For example, today there is a Humans of San Francisco as well.

Brandon also inspired senior Sarah Rockwood to start up a Humans of Miramonte Facebook and Instagram account last spring. “I’d been following Human of New York knock-offs, like Humans of Berkeley High School, for a while when it suddenly hit me last year: Why doesn’t Miramonte have this?” Rockwood said. “So I upgraded my camera, brought it to school, asked the first person I saw if I could take their picture, and went from there.”

Senior Jessica Alvarado is also a large contributor to Humans of Miramonte. Having been obsessed with Humans of New York ever since it first started, Alvarado was inevitably intrigued when she first heard that Rockwood was starting up Humans of Miramonte. “I just remember thinking that I immediately wanted to become a part of it,” Alvarado remarks.

Alvarado and Rockwood genuinely enjoy taking the time out of their days to scout out their next feature and reveal them to the public. Alvarado says, “My favorite part of the whole process is just hearing what the people I am featuring have to say. I usually start off by saying ‘If you could tell your community anything at all about yourself or your beliefs, what would it be?’ Sometimes the person I am featuring already has a witty or deep comment they want to say, but other times he or she needs to be more prompted. Regardless, I find it really meaningful having the ability to share their voice with the Miramonte community. I think it is really special and timeless.”

Humans of Miramonte has both an Instagram and Facebook account in order to reach as many people as possible. The main goal of it all is to help people get to know their classmates and peers, and expose a new light on every person that is featured.

“I don’t really have a preference as to whether or not my latest feature is put on our Facebook or Instagram accounts. I usually post it on both because I feel like some students only see it on Facebook and others only on Instagram. I just want to reach as many people as I possibly can and give the person I am featuring a voice to be heard,” Alvarado said.

As time progresses, Rockwood and Alvarado hope to increase the viewership and reach more people in the community. “Currently, mostly students follow our accounts. As Humans of Miramonte expands, I hope we can find a way to reach faculty and parents as well because they are part of the Orinda community too,” Alvarado said.

Due to the fact that Rockwood and Alvarado are both seniors and will be graduating in June, they are currently on the prowl to find people in lower grades who want to carry on Humans of Miramonte. If you are interested in contributing in any way, please contact either of them and they will find a way for you to become a part of it!