West Coast Best Coast

Ellie Poling, Editor in Chief

It’s a fought over issue, which is the better coast? Both east and west have their perks, but it’s about time someone made an informed decision. Intelligent Mirador Editor Ellie Poling takes all aspects into account, and makes a final decision.

West Coast:

The west coast is full of beautiful, vast landscapes and sceneries. In a matter of less than five hours you can drive from the sunny beach to the snowy mountains. However, whatever the weather, people can leave the house in flip flops nearly year-round.

The great thing about the central west coast state, California, is that most people’s style is very laid back, so it doesn’t take much effort to look good. Also it’s the only place you can wear Vans shoes and not look like an idiot. Vans are also great for a very west coast activity, skateboarding, which can be accompanied by surfboarding. A common scene would entail a beachy boy skating down the street in his vans with his surfboard on his back headed to the beach.

The west coast is also forward thinking in men’s hairstyles; the “man bun” is an awesome and attractive fad. We also have quality fast food, In and Out has fresh ingredients that make for a great and not too guilty fast food run.

Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful spots to go to if you want to experience a lakeside beach and mountain scenery. The national parks in the west are also great – Yosemite and Redwood in California, and Yellowstone in Wyoming.

Last but not least, the most flashy part of the West Coast is the Kardashians, including honorary Kardashian and Miramonte senior Margaret Ross. They dominate the LA scene and are a very glamorous edition to the west coast. The only con known to the west coast is that there are no apparent season, each one just kind of blends into the next.

East Coast:

The east coast has its obvious perks, one being that it is much closer to Europe and all the cool countries in the eastern hemisphere. It is also home to big, exciting cities like Boston, New York, D.C. and Miami.

Another perk of this coast is not necessarily the weather but the changing of the leaves between seasons. Unlike the west coast, you can actually see the difference between spring and fall. The actual change in weather accounts for the preppy style, which while taking more time to achieve, makes for a very cute and put together look.

Turtlenecks are an amazing fad that keep the neck warm and offer an adorable and classy look. You can catch turtleneck fever at any Ivy League school including Harvard, Yale, and Brown. One more obvious perk of the east coast is that the President is located there, but then again he travels all over the country. New York Fashion Week is another amazing experience that only happens on this coast.

Cons of the east coast are the weather, cold beaches, cold cities, pretty much everywhere you go it is cold. And in the summer it is hot and humid; nobody likes that. Storms and hurricanes also always hit Florida and New York, which is never fun.

In conclusion, the west coast is indeed the best coast. No one can beat our sunny weather and daily flip flops!