Getting to Know Mr. G

Evan Pauletich and Cole Sitar, Staff Writers

Mark Graminski, more commonly known around school as Mr. G, is Miramonte’s Campus Supervisor and helps the school in any way he can.

Many students see Mr. G in the mornings near the entrance of school. His main goal for his morning routine is to direct traffic in a safe and orderly fashion. Before this year, there was no system in place to keep parents out of the tennis court and senior parking lots. These parents would bottle up the parking lots and disrupt the general flow of traffic. This year, Mr. G has successfully been able to keep parents out of these lots by setting up barricades and directing traffic himself.

The rest of the day, Mr. G patrols the school, paying special attention to the parking lots and outskirts of the school. “My main goal in patrolling the junior lot is not to get people in trouble for leaving campus, but instead to help protect the personal property of the students. I want to make sure nobody is vandalizing students’ cars or stealing anything out of them,” Graminski said.

The purpose of patrolling the outskirts of campus is to ensure no intruders enter. The facilities and football field are off limits to the public during the school day, because the people create unnecessary liabilities to the school.

“I’m not just out there to bust people; dealing with disciplinary cases is my least favorite part of the job,” Graminski said. Unlike what many think, he does not deal with the punishment of students directly. Instead, Mr. G informs the administration of the infractions students commit, and leaves them to decide the punishment. Occasionally the main office will call Mr. G to address concerns with some students, and have him bring them into the office.

“I come into contact with many students having an emotional breakdown in the halls. I help them get into contact with their counselor and help them in any way I can,” Graminski said.