Miramonte Math Teachers Embrace the Greatest Pi Day

Miramonte Math Teachers Embrace the Greatest Pi Day

Sarah Rockwood, Editor-in-Chief

This is it. This Saturday is the greatest Pi Day our generation will ever see (unless you plan on living for another ten decades). The month is March. The day is Saturday, the 14th. The year is 2015. Here we have it, ladies and gentlemen, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: 3/14/15. Better yet, at exactly 9:26:53 we math nerds will have reached the pinnacle of our existence in real, concrete life: the first ten digits of pi laid out perfectly in time (within our quirky American system, at least.)

So, naturally, this Saturday should be the grandest, pie-filled celebration of your life. And you won’t be alone. Math enthusiasts, nerds, students, teachers, and mathletes nationwide will be consummately partaking in this feast of intellectual glory. So how do our fellow Miramonte math experts plan on spending this delightful day?

Carolyn Manning:

Subjects: AP Calculus AB

Favorite pie: Lemon meringue

“I’m going to the Filoli Gardens with former math teacher Mrs. Won. We will have pie for dessert and toast to the day.”


Mike Plant:

Subjects: AP Calculus BC, Honors Algebra 2 Trigonometry

Favorite pie: Anything with chocolate – double Boston Creme!

“My wife is busy tomorrow, so my son’s and I are having a boy’s day out. I’m going to take them to Nation’s in the morning and we’re going to eat pie at 9:26 for breakfast.”


MaryAnne Whitaker:

Subjects: Precalculus, AP Calculus BC

Favorite pie: Apple or some kind of berry

“I’m having a celebration in all five of my classes and the kids are bringing treats. In Precalculus, we are studying conics so it already relates to pi.”


Brian Henderson:

Subjects: Honors Geometry, Algebra 2 Trigonometry

Favorite pie: Banana creme pie

“I’ll be playing with a lot of spherical objects, softballs and baseballs, all day long. So from 10 to 4:30, I’ll be dealing with pi in some form.”


Kristha Le:

Subjects: AP Calculus AB, AP Statistics

Favorite pie: Pumpkin pie