The Perfect Spring To-Do List


Madison Alvarado and Sofia Ruiz, Staff writers

Spring Bucket List

The weather is finally warming up, the cherry trees are blossoming, and the air is charged with the feeling of spring. Despite the beautiful weather, school is still in, so while you’re forced to daydream your day away in the classroom, here are some spring-related activities perfect for the weekend.

Farmers’ Market

One must-do spring activity is a day trip to the farmers market. There is one in Orinda by Rite Aid every Saturday from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Farmers’ markets are a great opportunity to buy some fresh produce, flowers, and other handmade items that support local industries. If you do go to the one in Orinda, the nutella strawberry crêpes and kettlecorn come highly recommended. Take a leisurely stroll down the street, check out all of the boutiques, and enjoy the lovely Saturday morning.

Tie Dye

Looking for some vibrant colors to brighten up your day? Grab a couple friends, a tie-dye kit from your local Michaels or craft store, a couple of rubber bands, and some old plain white t-shirts. Start by setting up an area (outside if possible) to dye the shirts, and pre-soak all items for 10 minutes in a mix of warm water and soda ash. Wring out excess fluid and then twist the shirt into whatever type of spiral you want. Finish it off by putting rubber bands around the shirt and squirting on some colors. The dye can be messy and will stain, so be careful. Put your t-shirt into a plastic bag and let it sit for at least 24 hours. Once you have taken it out from the bag, wash out excess dye with cold water, and voilà! You now have a rad t-shirt to make all of your hippie friends jealous.

Go to Crissy Field

The Bay Area is full of beautiful places to visit for both tourists and locals. Arguably one of the best is Crissy Field by the Golden Gate Bridge. Although it used to be an army airfield, Crissy Field since then been restored by the National Park Service and Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy. This scenic spot right on the beach is a perfect spot to spend the day, swimming, hanging at the beach, flying a kite, or having a picnic. The drive to get there is fairly short and totally worth it.  PC: Crissy Fields Wikipedia

Golden Gate Park gardens

From the Japanese Tea Garden to the Rose Garden, spring is an excellent time to enjoy the flowers and plants growing at Golden Gate Park.You can spend the day walking around, maybe even play for a bit on the playgrounds, or spend time watching ducks. You can also meander into the deYoung museum or the California Academy of Sciences, to see one of the new exhibits. Parking is sometimes tough, if you don’t want to pay, but spending the day there will make you at peace with the world.


It’s a sunny spring weekend…why not spend the day in your own backyard? Plant flowers and make your own garden more beautiful. After digging, and planting, and watering, bring out a chair, squeeze some fresh lemonade, and sit outside to enjoy your hard work. Later, you can pick flowers and make bouquets to decorate your dinner table, or as a gift for Mother’s Day. The garden lasts as long as you want to care for it, and is a timeless way to pass the time in spring.

Writing Poetry

Grab a pen, a notebook, and get creative. Write. Perhaps you like the cute dresses people start wearing once the weather begins to warm up: write about it. Share it with your friends or keep it for yourself. Poetry is a wonderful thing to write when you’re inspired, and if it’s really good you can submit it to a writing contest or try to get it published.  Whatever you do with your writing afterwards, the point is that you took your time to jot down a few lines.


Imagine the smell of warm chocolate and baking cookies, and now that spring is here, you can theme your baking decorations with iced flowers and cute pastel food dye. Decorate your sugar cookies with green icing and and yellow daisies. Put your cupcakes into paper lining printed with baby animals. When you have your baked goods all lined up, invite your friends for an afternoon tea party and gorge yourself in a sophisticated manner. After all, you always have summer sports to get you healthy again.