A Definitive Review of the Best Easter Candy


Brigid Berndt , Staff Writer

For Christmas it’s presents, for Thanksgiving it’s turkey, for the 4th of July it’s fireworks and for Easter it’s candy. Staff writer Brigid Berndt reviews the candies of the Easter season.


  1. Reese’s peanut butter eggs

Reese’s all time best creation is the Reese’s peanut butter egg. No questions asked, this is the candy that everyone waits for. One may ask: What makes the Egg better than a regular peanut butter cup? Well the answer purely lies in the shape of the candy. The oval of peanut butter covered in chocolate gives the perfect peanut butter to chocolate ratio. This truly is the candy of the season.

  1. Cadbury creme eggs

Cadbury creme eggs are a year long phenomenon. It is no surprise that a product resembling the easter theme year round would emphasize itself for the Holiday. They come out with different fillings for the chocolate eggs along with various decorative wrappings.

  1. Ferrero Rocher


Award winning Ferrero Rocher does not alter their product, nor do they need too, for the easter season. Their creamy hazelnut chocolate interior with a wafer and nutty chocolate on the outside makes them the addictive delicious candy that they are. Instead of changing the candy itself, they put it in different Easter shaped packages.

  1. Robin eggs

Robin’s Eggs are a shelled version of the whopper candy. Whoppers are malt balls made by the Hershey company. The Hershey company made Whoppers with different colored hard shells for the easter season. If you like Whoppers, you will definitely like this slightly altered festive candy.

  1. Chocolate bunnies

So far I have yet to find a chocolate bunny that has gone beyond pure aesthetics by proving itself delicious. Chocolate bunnies are purely traditional easter candy. After trying the cheap kind, lunts version and reese’s rendition, I have found them all to be sub par.


  1. Peeps

Looking at the exciting colors and attractive shape lead people to believe that this candy will be good. However, looks do deceive. One bite into the plastic tasting “marshmallow” instantly causes nausea and headache. The sugar makes the pure marshmallow crusty and dry. Not only are they awful for you, but it feels as if you have to force the rest of the flavorless candy down your throat. You might think that they were modeled after a medieval torture device.