Spring Breakers: Mats Edition


Jacob Thomas, Staff Writer

College Touring

At this time in the school year college is on everybody’s mind. Many juniors used their Spring Break to look at potential colleges. Some of the most popular colleges for touring were University of Southern California, University of California, Berkeley, University of California, Los Angeles, and University of Arizona. “The schools I visited were USC, Chapman,SDSU, LMU, and UCLA. My favorites were USC and LMU because they had beautiful campuses and seem to have really good programs,” junior Merrick Goodman said. College touring was a bit hit during Spring Break.

Stayed Home

Sports is the biggest reason why people stayed home for Spring Break. Nobody wants to miss anything for their teams whether it is conditioning and lifting or in-season sports. For others, Spring Break was a time to relax before the final stretch of school. Freshman Nikhil Shastri said, “when I stayed home I went to three days worth of Miramonte basketball strength training sessions, as well as kicking it back with my friends and playing 2k.” For Shastri, 2k is life.


The Lamorinda Rugby team travelled to Scotland during their Spring Break for a tournament. The team stayed with some of the players from around the world. The experience is something that the group of people will never forget. Junior Bobby Capdeville said, “ The atmosphere was like family, it was really fun and exciting. Me and the guys shared lots of laughs and memories.” Most of this rugby club has played together since 5th grade or younger, and this trip concluded a great run for the seniors.