Bay Area’s Best Ice Cream Spots

Reilly Moran , Staff Writer

ICI- Berkeley $$$

Ici is a very popular ice cream joint on College Avenue in Berkeley. They offer out of the box flavors that change daily such as chicory-coffee and honey chamomile, and delicious other homemade options such as cones, cakes, and other ice cream treats. Different flavors are offered every day, and even though some are very unique, each one is tasty. The line can get very long during the hot months, or weekends, but it is worth the wait. Ici is definitely a little more pricy, but you get what you’re paying for with rich ice cream and a homemade cone that are available on the side alone for you to take home.

Loards- Orinda $$

Loards is a classic staple in Orinda. The multitudes of flavors, candy, and fudge offered at Loards makes it a very popular stop for people of all ages. The old ice cream shop feel with the tacky pink chairs and booths, plus the old pictures of Orinda from when our grandparents were young, makes you feel right at home. Loards offers fair prices, and a long sundae list to choose from.

Smitten-Lafayette $$$$

Smitten is bringing a new sort of technology to ice cream. Each order is made by hand in front of you, mixing cream and flavoring with liquid nitrogen in a mixing bowl, making a cool experience. However, the subpar taste of the ice cream mixed with the fact that a single scoop can cost you up to $6 makes the experience a little less sweet. Smitten offers unique flavors along with classic vanilla and Tcho chocolate as classic flavors available at all times.

Fentons- Oakland $$

Fentons offers really good flavors with lots of choices. Their homemade ice cream is an Oakland favorite, and is definitely worth the drive out there. You can either sit down in the usually crowded restaurant and enjoy a large sundae, or get in the to go line for a quick scoop. You will have a choice of 37 different flavors at all times, or depending on the season, 18 flavors that rotate through the menu. This ice cream is worth the small amount money you have to spend, and the drive really isn’t that far. Plus, Fentons is near Mr. Green Bubble, which can be a nice pairing.