Freshman Checklist

Jack Kovalik , Staff Writer

As my senior year and four years at Miramonte come to a close, I’ve had some time to reflect on some of my favorite things from high school. A lot of the fun in high school is shared fun, so a good group of friends is recommended for maximum fun. Here are some of the things anyone who attends Miramonte should accomplish over their four years here:

  • Try all the food in the cafeteria
  • Attend at least one event for every school sports team
  • Master the art of making your own lunch
  • Dress up for all the spirit days
  • Attend the Welcome Back and Homecoming dances
  • Go watch the famous MHS public speakers at their showcase
  • Find your favorite parking spot in the J-Lot
  • Try to go to all the Performers For Progress performances; they are all awesome and different
  • Ask your teachers about their lives outside of school
  • As an upperclassman, become friends with as many underclassmen as possible
  • Paint your face for a football game
  • Experience the Math Lab
  • Read The Mirador. Seriously. There is quality work by your fellow students on those pages
  • Become a pickle-ball master in PE. Actually, try to master all the sports in PE
  • Hitch a ride on Mr. G’s golfcart
  • Graduate