Maddie Alvarado , Staff Writer

Procrastination; we’ve all heard of it. It’s a crippling habit that most students sadly develop at a young age and never truly get over. Symptoms include laziness, lack of motivation, slipping grades, excessive time spent on the internet, and failure to start any homework before 10:00 on a school night. But procrastination is more than just a collection of hours spent avoiding the woes of education; it’s a lifestyle. Not only does it require extensive time and effort figuring out exactly how you will waste the hours you should spend studying, it takes a certain skill and finesse to convince yourself that you’re actually being productive when all you’ve done for the past two hours is stare at your phone and listen to music.

This art form probably developed thousands of years ago when some caveman decided he’d rather draw a couple of animals on a wall than go out hunting for food, and it has been unstoppable ever since. A powerful weapon for many students, procrastination is one of the many ways to battle productivity and reveal your true rebel side to both parents and teachers, because who really needs to do homework anyways?

One of the many beauties of procrastination is that you can do it almost anywhere, at any point in time. Although it presents similar symptoms, unlike senioritis, procrastination can affect individuals from any grade or staff department. So the real reason why your math teacher hasn’t graded your test yet? It’s not because they’ve been swamped with grading homework from other classes; they’re actually just going home and watching Netflix. Maybe you can exchange show recommendations in class tomorrow.

So whatever project or assignment you’re trying to put off by reading this article, keep avoiding it. Our staff over here at Mirador loves getting more page reads and you don’t really want to start your homework. Browse for a couple more hours, maybe listen to some music or read a book. Then when time reaches the golden homework hour of 1 a.m. and you decide you should probably do at least something before you get to school tomorrow, ignore that feeling and go to bed. You can probably finish your assignments the period before they’re due.