Behind the Scenes with Kyle McKeen

Behind the Scenes with Kyle McKeen

Ashley Logan

With the spotlight often focused on the athletes of Miramonte, the Mirador features set designer junior Kyle McKeen, the one usually behind the spotlight. Set designer is only one of many positions McKeen holds including co-president of the Baking for Change Club, stage manager for Performers for Progress, editor of the yearbook, and an actor in past Miramonte productions and Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind.

McKeen devotes his time and energy to activities and organizations that he is passionate about. “I think it is an important to find out what you love to do and pursue that passion. High school is all about finding something that you love but it’s hard to find what you love while being constricted by the limited class options,” McKeen said.

With all these extracurriculars, McKeen has a countless amount of of tasks on his to-do list. As set designer, his job is to put together and design sets for plays and musicals. Yearbook editor requires him to take photos and use his creativity to layout spreads and design the book for next year. Being co-president of the Baking for Change Club entails running meetings and organizing bake sales.

It takes a lot of hardwork and dedication to stay on top of thing but McKeen is up for the challenge. “My favorite part about being in a leadership position is actually being able to work with everyone to achieve a common goal. It is also great motivation when you have a lot of people relying on you to succeed. Anyone who takes on a leadership role should realize that it is extremely important to work together with your crew and hopefully listen to their opinions and incorporate that into the final product,” McKeen said.