Summer Day Trips


Charlotte Houston, Staff Writer

Do you crave that road trip feeling of discovery and freedom, but without the hours in the car and cheap motels? Luckily, the Bay Area is juxtaposed in between many worthy destinations, close enough to manage in a day.

Monterey Bay Aquarium- Home to the best elementary school field trips, take a walk down memory lane at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. About two hours away, this aquarium houses over 600 species and 32,000 animals. Take a closer look into our California waters, and while you’re there, you can explore the adjoining town of Monterey.


Santa Cruz– If you’re craving funnel cake and some classic boardwalk fun, Santa Cruz is the place to go. Only an hour and a half drive away, you can spend the day at the beach or riding the questionably stable rides, such as the Giant Dipper and the Sky Ride.

santa cruz

Capitola– Nestled right up next to Santa Cruz, go to Capitola if you’re looking for a more relaxing day trip. A classic little beach town, you can hang out by the water or explore the cute shops and restaurants. Stop by the renowned deli Gayle’s and pick up a sandwich, or check out the famous restaurant Pizza My Heart.


Bodega Bay– Another hour and a half drive, Bodega Bay is a beach in Sonoma County. This town is also the famous site of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie Birds, and you can visit the school house featured in the movie.

bodega bay