Seniors Offer Freshmen Advice

Ari Stein, Staff Writer

Miramonte is a school where there are hardly any dropouts, the percentage of freshmen failing is low, and 89.77% of students score a 1500 and above on their SAT, according to the California Department of Education. At some schools the statistics are reversed: there are many dropouts and a majority of freshman are struggling. These are the types of schools that require serious mentoring programs. These mentoring programs match up a senior with a freshman. The seniors are responsible for helping guide and mentor the freshmen as they adjust to high school. Although Miramonte does have Link Crew, a serious mentor program is not in place because it is not necessary.

Nonetheless, seniors share their wisdom and advice to the class of 2019.

For some, adjusting to the homework load in high school is difficult. Although at times there are hours of work, it is still important to get it done efficiently. Claire Manrique shares some advice that procrastination only leads to late nights, stress and a lower grade: “Do your homework. Don’t procrastinate. You will regret it.”

It is easy to fall behind or feel lost in classes. However, there are many resources available to help like Math Lab and Writing Lab. In addition, most teachers are willing to spend extra time helping students if necessary. According to Sean Kostecki, one of the most important things freshmen should remember is, “Ask for help if you need it.”

Freshmen year is when you will have the least amount of AP or Honors classes, so cherish this time: “Classes only get more challenging, so enjoy freshmen year while it lasts,” Allan Rosso says. Freshmen should “have fun in high school and be yourself,” Kaley Hsu said.

Graduating from high school and going to college may seem like they are in the distant future. Not true, said Valentina Trejo Honens: “Take advantage of the time you have with your friends and all the school events because time goes by fast and then all the sudden your graduating.”