Miramonte Students Travel for Thanksgiving


Photo: Benjamin Billikopf

Thanksgiving is an important time of the year to reflect on what we have and to be grateful for the important people in our lives. Students are always excited for the holidays, especially for the week off of school. One may ask, where do all the students go during their time off? We will discover the traditional locations that Miramonte students travel to over the holidays.

Senior Danielle Chan traveled to Los Angeles with her parents to visit her mom’s side of the family. “I like spending time with my family and having no school is really nice,” Chan said. “It is a tradition for us to go to L.A. to visit my mom’s side of the family especially her aunt. We usually just relax, watch movies and eat a lot of good food,” Chan said.

It seems that L.A. was a popular location for students to travel to because it is relatively close and there is a lot to do there. Junior Benjamin Billikopf spent his Thanksgiving break with his cousin, exploring around Orange County. “We went to a car show and we celebrated Thanksgiving twice.” Billikopf moved to Orinda from Chile and is living with his cousin in Orinda. He leads an interesting life, and loves every minute of it. “I’m thankful for my cousin and letting me live with him.”

The L.A. area proves yet again to be a popular travel destination this year. Senior Valentina Trejo-Honens traveled down to SoCal with her mom and little sister to visit her cousins. Trejo-Honens was lucky enough to be near the beach because her cousins own a house right on the water. “We went to the beach over the break but it was freezing the entire time which was unfortunate.” Trejo-Honens explained. “But we were able to go Black Friday shopping and other activities, I went to Big Air, a trampoline place, with all of my little cousins.” Since Trejo-Honens is now a big sister, this year she is thankful for her little sister and her family and friends.

Senior Lauren Finnell stayed in California for her Thanksgiving break as well. But she traveled to Mendicino about four hours north of Orinda. This year was special for Finnell because her sister was back from college and was able to spend Thanksgiving with her. “I really like Thanksgiving because it is a time for me to see my extended family who I don’t get to see often,” Finnell said. Going to Mendocino is a tradition for Finnell and her family; there is a plethora of activities that they do while there. “My family and I go to the beach; there are small beaches there, relax, sleep, and watch movies. Also, there is no Wi-Fi or internet there so it is a very cleansing week,” Finnell said.

Everyone is thankful for different things, but these two senior ladies [Finnell and Chan] thought of a similar list. Chan said that she was thankful for her friends and family. Finnell felt similarly, “I don’t want to be generic, but my friends and family. But I’m also thankful for music and my pets.”

The week off is a time for students to reflect and make memories with loved ones that you may not get to see on a regular basis. Thanksgiving is also a nice time to unwind and travel and experience a new or traditional place. It seems that most Miramonte students have their own unique Thanksgiving location, but whether you stay in the Lamorinda area or travel, you are bound to have a relaxing and fun filled Thanksgiving break.