Mirador Identifies Ideal Prom Date

Makenna Millham, Staff Writer

By the time the calendar turn to March, the venue is selected, food taste-tested and tuxes and dresses are in the selection process. For some students junior prom isn’t that big of a deal-it is just another night. For others it’s highly anticipated as an apex of the social calendar in the midst of a stressful junior year.

But one common stressor is who to take as a date. What makes an ideal corsage or boutonniere buddy? For a lot of juniors it is important to have a date their proud to be seen with; for others, the criteria is based primarily on personality. “My ideal prom date would be someone who is fun to be around, likes to have a good time, is a nice person and someone you have chemistry with,” junior Layne Estes said. As one could predict, going to prom with someone fun, who likes to have a good time is not unheard of; in fact it seems to be a general consensus amongst juniors.

Often considered a major event, this rite of passage has been the topic of news articles, classic highschool memories and movies. Often theatricalized by media, proms can be stressful and expensive. It takes funding, planning and preparing. But under all the hype, what is the most important aspect?

For many people it’s who they go with. In a recent survey conducted by YouGov 51% of prom veterans went with a romantic date, 43% with a friend and 6% went alone. “They have to be nice and fun to be around, if they are awkward or you don’t know them very well it would be a deal breaker,” said junior Brooke Strumlauf.

No matter what magnitude of importance, it’s safe to say the vast majority of attendees want to roll through prom unhitched, with someone they can have a great night with. Even if the night isn’t a particularly memorable one, it’s bound to be an experience shared by every prom date.