Gifts For Grads


Paige Deloso

Senior Paige Deloso holds up her many concert tickets that she has attended in the past. She plans on going to as many concerts this summer before college.

Amanda DeVecchi, Staff Writer

As the school year comes to an end, seniors are getting ready to graduate. Parents, grandparents, friends and even siblings might be wondering what to get for their graduate. If in need of some ideas for a great gift, take a look at this list:

  1. Laptop: If your graduate doesn’t have one already, a laptop is the perfect gift before heading off to college. Although a laptop is expensive, it is an essential tool for their education away from home. Dell, HP, and Mac’s are some of the few popular computers that are reliable for your graduate. “I use my Mac a lot already in high school, so I can see it being very useful in college. Having the access to type during lectures will save time instead of hand writing notes,” senior Caitlyn Wong said.
  2. Cash: Cash is always a good go-to gift. The graduate can spend it on what they want, when they want. “Cash is a great gift for students who are about to graduate because most of us are broke and need money. We can either spend it on stupid stuff or be smart and save that money to spend in college,” senior Julia Alfonso said.
  3. Metro or Gas Card: This is a new idea for a gift. Since most freshman in college will be living on campus, they need a way of transportation. A Metro card is convenient and will save some money for your new graduate.
  4. Gift card: A gift card is always good to cover the cost for food or movies. It is a good idea to get something that they will use away from home.
  5. Concert tickets: You can’t go wrong with getting your graduate concert tickets during the summer months. This allows them the opportunity to make some more memories with their friends before heading off to college.  “I’ve been to many concerts, and I think concert tickets would be a good gift for graduates because you can see your favorite artists live and have fun with friends. Concerts give you a new experience you wouldn’t have just listening on your phone, ” senior Paige Deloso said.
  6. Furniture: A simple painting, poster or hamper for their dorm room is something that your graduate will greatly appreciate. “Pictures are a perfect present, they provide a nice memory and are a really sweet sentimental gift to remind someone they are important to you,” senior Gwen Sullivan said.
  7. College Gear: Get your graduate a college shirt, hat or sweatshirt so they can be spirited while at college. “College gear is a cool gift for someone about to graduate because it essentially excites them more about their future,” senior Aoife Tejada said.
  8. Shoes: There is nothing wrong with having too many shoes. Get your graduate a pair that is comfortable and something that they will wear often. “Having an extra pair of shoes is always helpful, and if you don’t like them you can return them and get money back. It’s one less thing to worry about,” senior Stefan Maksimovic said.