Sophomore’s Card Tricks Go Viral

Thomas Marriner and Jacob Randall

He starts with three blue cards. He snaps, and the king of hearts appears at the top. He places the king at the bottom, snaps, and the king of hearts is back at the top. One by one, he then reveals that the cards he is using are all blank.

Sophomore Nathan Rantala’s YouTube channel, “A Million Card Tricks,” has recently risen to prominence. “It’s a channel where I show you a card trick, then I teach it to you,” Rantala said. “You can learn card tricks of any skill level, ranging from beginner to advanced level card tricks.”

Rantala has amassed over 50,000 subscribers on YouTube, most of which have come during the past two months. Rantala is unsure of the exact reason for his rise in popularity, though he does have an idea. “I honestly don’t know the actual cause of the growth,” Rantala said. “It must have been a chain reaction, but there are a lot of pro card trick YouTubers that I’m subscribed to, and they actually gave me some shoutouts.”

Rantala said that while his family has encouraged him, they did not realize he would attain the level of success that he has. “My family is actually really supportive of it. At first they thought I probably wouldn’t get much [revenue], but now since I’ve been getting a lot, they’ve actually been kind of surprised.”

Rantala’s channel has over four million video views, and his most popular video is nearing two million views. With this level of popularity he realized that he could start making money from his account. “A lot of my friends said that I should monetize my videos to get ad revenue on them. Once I started doing that, I realized that I could have a mini job from this and get actual money,” he said.

Rantala is ambitious about the future of his channel. “I think 100,000 subscribers would be kind of insane,” he said. He believes that he could achieve this in the next year. He also wants to simply continue to grow his channel. “Hopefully, I’ll just keep getting more and more subscribers in the future. I honestly just want to see how far I can go,” Rantala said. “Right now, there’s still one card trick YouTuber who’s the best: Mismag822. He has almost a million subscribers. He was kind of one of my sources of inspiration.”

The sophomore believes that he is in a rare group. “I would actually consider myself one of the most popular card trick teachers on YouTube.” And he seems to be right. When searching “card trick” on YouTube, the first channel on the list is “Mismag822.” The second channel is “A Million Card Tricks.”