Mats Rock Out at Bottlerock


Pagan, Blanchard, and Renjen posing at the Bottlerock photo booth.

Cassidy Haskell, Staff Writer

As sophomore Sarika Renjen entered the Bottlerock venue alongside junior Aleah Pagan and freshman Kate Blanchard, the bass and beat of multiple artists rang through her ears. A tough decision had to be made—did they want to watch Maroon 5 or Modest Mouse? Bottlerock offers so many options that it proves to be hard to pick an artist to listen to when the time comes.

Many students from Miramonte attended the 2017 Bottlerock music festival in Napa that took place on May 26 through May 28. The festival hosts a variety of performers including uprising stars and well-known ones. People of different ages from all over attend for a memorable experience.

On Friday, Renjen, Blanchard, and Pagan attended Bottlerock for the day. When they arrived, they immediately went to where Saint Motel was performing. “I’m really into their music right now. They play rock music but in a unique and interesting way,” Blanchard said. Along with the live performances, there was a lot of food and games. “The food was amazing. Literally every type you could imagine. Lots of free food was given away too,” Pagan said. Fitz and the Tantrums also played their music which included some of their popular songs such as Handclap and Roll Up, which attracted a large crowd. Three out of the numerous Miramonte students who attended on Friday explained to The Mirador their experience at Bottlerock: “Overall I had a very entertaining time and I definitely recommend others to go one day,” Rejen said.

Each day of Bottlerock offered a different experience. On Saturday, juniors Annie Heckler, Allison Burkhalter, and Skylar Barnes treated themselves with a full day at Bottlerock. Although they all wanted to see different favorite artists, there was a chance to watch all of them. Some highlights included seeing Michael Franti & Spearhead, Tom Petty, and the Heartbreakers. “[Michael Franti & Spearhead] was super energetic and came out into the crowd,” Heckler said. Not only did the Miramonte students enjoy the music, but the decorations were also unique. “The decor was rustic but vibrant—there were lights strung around the trees, and the rainbow Bottlerock logo was placed everywhere around the stages,” Heckler said. This created the festival vibe and made the overall experience much more enjoyable. Generally, people dress up or wear fun accessories to events like these. “It wouldn’t be a festival without a bunch of girls wearing cutoffs,” Burkhalter said.

The last day of the festival did not disappoint. Sophomores Ava Killbourn, Emma Hamilton, Emily Becker, and junior Sebass Varela headed up to Napa for the day. Some of the groups that performed were Gavin Degraw, Foo Fighters, Cobi, A R I Z O N A, and The Helmets. The Helmets is a band consisting of three twelve-year-olds and a thirteen-year-old. “It’s impressive that young kids are able to create such good music,” Varela said. The most popular band on Sunday, the Foo Fighters, played from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. on the main stage. “My favorite artist was Gavin Degraw because I think he’s an amazing performer,” Hamilton said. Another popular attraction was the silent disco. This allows people to listen to music with a unique twist to it. All participants wear a set of headphones and listen to a DJ of their choice. This is a unique way to listen to a particular music genre and dance with friends. “Overall, I had a great time! I would definitely recommend attending,” Hamilton said.