Administration Condemns Racist Graffiti

During the week of Oct. 19, an unidentified person reported anti-Semitic and other racial graffiti to the administration.

Markings covered mirrors and stalls inside the boys’ bathroom in the 140s hall and several desks in classrooms. According to Associate Principal Jan Carlson, one of the anti-Semitic pieces was up for a while, but the Administration did not discover the racist symbols until they were informed of them in mid-October.

The administration took action by calling the police and parents of suspected students, in addition to removing the markings from the premises. The school is currently working with the police in an ongoing investigation.

“The administration and district take this very, very seriously,” said Carlson. “Racial graffiti has been minimal, but periodically it has popped up.”

The newer graffiti was reported quickly because of its flagrancy.

“People reported it because it was on the mirrors, which was questionable, and everyone was so appalled by it,” said junior Chris Thatcher.

Students rarely report older graffiti. Sometimes custodians don’t see the less flashy graffiti, and sometimes, after painted over, students replace the graffiti the next day.

Although many students disregard the common defacement of school property, some take offense from the racist gestures.

“Being a minority, I’ve experienced some racial problems at Miramonte,” said junior Ashraf Mathkour. “There’s something called a ‘second circle of friends,’ people who overhear the playful teasing your friends say, and think it’s okay to make the same racist remarks.”

According to senior Adam Mysorewala, someone drew a swastika in the boys’ bathroom. Other students supposedly saw other discriminating pictures.

Whether graffiti is harmless or malicious, vandalism is unacceptable. After clearing the writing in the boys’ bathrooms, the administration also removed old graffiti in the girls’ bathrooms.