Burglar Triggers AHS Lockdown

Sophia Bollag

When a burglar was seen running in the direction of Acalanes High School on Tuesday, Oct. 20, the school went into lockdown mode. The lockdown began during the beginning of fifth period and lasted for over an hour.

“A police officer came to my office and told the administrative team that there was an  ‘interrupted burglary’ on the same block as Acalanes High School and that one of the burglars ran towards our school on foot,” said Acalanes Principal Aida Glimme. “In order to keep the students safe we made the decision to lock down the school and the district office.”

No one on campus was hurt, and the police searched the school carefully to ensure that it was safe before the lock down ended. The burglars, however, were not caught.

“We think that the lockdown was successful and efficient,” said Glimme. “All teachers and students were well prepared and knew the procedures and followed them. We felt that we had the situation under control.”