Joe Loudon’s Death Deemed Undetermined

Katherine Doyle

According to the Lamorinda Sun Newspaper, the coroner’s office has declared the cause of Joe Loudon’s death to be “undetermined.”

After the Northern California Transplant Bank admitted that the papaverine originally detected in Loudon’s blood had actually been injected during tests, additional testing was done.

The coroner’s report stated that “the most likely mechanism of death is asphyxia due to aspiration of gastric contents. The possible causes of this aspiration are ingestion of alcohol, and possibly another substance, or a lethal cardiac arrhythmia due to a cardiac condition.”

Suspicions also arouse about the cause of death when an autopsy revealed that Loudon’s blood alcohol level was only .03.

Contra Costa Country Sheriff Daniel Terry believes Loudon may have had an unknown heart condition that exacerbated the effects of consumed alcohol.

The front page of the Nov. 22 issue of the LA Times boasted an extensive article by local writer Maura Dolan clarifying facts surrounding Loudon’s death.