Record Snow Level Sticks in Orinda

Mackenzie Lee

Monday Dec. 7, Miramonte students awoke to a white winter wonderland.  With the most snow Orinda has seen in decades, and records lows, residents pulled out their snow sleds that are usually kept away until a trip to Tahoe.

“When I picked up my carpool I said, ‘Guys I brought my sled and we are going to go sledding on MCC!’” said senior and snow enthusiast Eric Sassano.

KRON 4 news reported this as the most snow this area has seen in 20 years.

“I have lived in Orinda since 1977,” said Tech Coordinator Cheryl Davis.  “I remember one other time when it snowed in Orinda, I think it was early 1980s – but I don’t remember it being this much snow and I’ve never seen Miramonte covered with a blanket of snow like this.  That’s why I had my camera out!”