Rallies Continue With Just One Leader

Sophia Rogers

On Nov 13, just before Thanksgiving break, one of Miramonte’s 2009-2010 rally leaders was forced to step down from his position. Administration removed Adam Gibson from his post after violating the Leadership agreement, leaving his peer Eric Sassano to run the rallies on his own.

However, Sassano remains optimistic about the future of Miramonte rallies.
“I think it’ll be okay. I’m hoping for a lot of pity points,” said Sassano.

As for the creative process, Sassano will be relying on his friends and fellow Leadership students for ideas for the next two rallies. Since it’s not possible to add a student to the class at this point in the year, Gibson will have no formal replacement.

“I’ll just have one of my friends be in the rally to help with MCing,” said Sassano.

Gibson will not be helping with the creative process for the rallies in the future.

“I talked to him,” said Sassano “I don’t think he wants to. He also can’t.”