Red Watch to Teach Alcohol Awareness

Jamie Riley

Miramonte will soon host a “Red Watch Band” event on campus, providing students with an opportunity to learn to react quickly when someone is dangerously intoxicated.

“The program is focused on knowledge, skill, and confidence building regarding preventing death from alcohol overdose,” said Acalanes school nurse and Healthy Choices liaison Dvora Citron.

The “Red Watch Band” training session was first established at Stoneybrook College in New York, after a student died of alcohol poisoning.

Lynne Alper and Jamie Zaffanella are the two Miramonte parents in charge of this event.  Both Alper and Zaffanella are familiar with alcohol education; Alper works as a physician at UC Berkeley and Zaffanella works for a non-profit group called “Center for Human Development.”  In this group, Zaffanella focuses on alcohol awareness, among other areas.

“The event came to our attention last summer, and since then we have been determined to have it for Miramonte students,” said Alper.

During the event, students learn exactly what to do when someone is intoxicated. After completing the event, each student is given a red watch, to show that they are certified.

The six hour training session will take place at Miramonte.  The first several hours will focus on CPR training, taught by Miramonte Sport’s Medicine teacher John Grigsby.  The rest of the day will be centered on intervention during an emergency situation.

“With this event, we hope to empower students,” said Associate Principal Sharon Bartlett. “We hope they will learn to be more responsive in a student emergency.”

This training session will be held on a Saturday during March on a date to be determined.  Interested students should talk to Dvora Citron or Lynne Alper.