MTV’s “Made” Holds Auditions at MHS

Mackenzie Lee

The “15 minutes of fame machine” came to Miramonte on Tuesday, March 9.  MTV Made, famous for transforming students from geek to chic and prissy girly girls into tough dirt bike riders, held open auditions for new show participants in the office.

Excited by the opportunity to be “made” and see their name on television, students crowded the office to get a sign up sheet.

“There were tons of people in the office,” said office TA senior Olivia Moore.  “Some kids were even fighting over the sign up sheets.”

Close to 20 students crowded the office after school for the first interview.  Because student release forms had not been signed, students could not be taped for MTV’s New York offices to review.  Once release forms have been submitted, students will be called back for a recorded interview.

“I’m not nervous at all,” said sophomore Robert Robinson. “I like being myself and I want to sing and express myself through music and rapping.”

However, some students auditioning were not as nerve-free as Robinson.

“Yeah, we’re really nervous,” said seniors Tanya Iqbal, Heather Finertie, and Maxine Sharf.

Students have different goals in mind when wanting to be “made.”  Some auditioned in the hopes of becoming skateboarders, surfers, techno-DJs, male ballet dancers, TV show hosts, boxers, male models, ice skaters, singers, and more.

“I want to be made into a singer,” said senior Samantha Hyde. “I like the feeling you get when you listen to music, that tingly feeling.  I want to bring people emotion through my singing.”

The students waiting to be interviewed felt like they have what it takes to be “made.”

“I’m trained and ready to go,” said Robinson.

But,  some doubt that a Miramonte student will be chosen.

“It’s   hard work,” said registrar Drue Kendall. “I hope someone from Miramonte gets chosen but I don’t know if someone has the guts to do something extremely opposite of themselves.”