ASB Election Speeches

Sean McGeer

It’s that time of year again–ASB elections have rolled around and it is time for you to choose who you want to represent you in the student government. The Mirador recorded the pitches of all the ASB candidates who are trying to get your votes.

Mirador and Leadership were happy to team up on this project to educate the Miramonte voting populace about their ASB candidates.

Video is viewable right here below the fold or on the Mirador YouTube channel.

Their are four positions with seven candidates. Will Lavis and Brittany Anderson are running for ASB Treasurer and ASB Secretary unopposed. Raj Bains, Jonathan Wong and Kirby Schulz are running for ASB Vice President, while Claire Nicolaou and Liza Katz are duking it out for ASB President.

They lay out in their speeches their goals, their backgrounds, and their hopes. Watch now and make your informed decision on Blackboard April 15-16, 2010.

To vote on Blackboard, log in, click on “Mats Activities & Information,” and click on “Elections.”

ASB President: Liza Katz

ASB President: Claire Nicolaou

ASB Vice President: Raj Bains

ASB Vice President: Jonathan Wong

ASB Vice President: Kirby Shultz

ASB Secretary: Brittany Anderson

ASB Treasurer: Will Lavis