Admin Places J-Lot Under Watch

You’re in third period and you realize that you left the book needed for that class in your car…again. You ask your teacher to go to your “locker,” and on the way you see campus security office Mark Graminski patrolling the Junior Lot. He approaches, and you put on your best “I’m innocent” face. However, your acting skills need some work because Mr. G sends you back to class without granting you access to your car, with the book locked away inside.

In past years, students were allowed to go to cars in the Junior Lot during school hours. Graminski patrolled the J-lot so students could retrieve lunches and left behind books.

However, in recent months, the right to visit cars during school has been restricted.

“The problem was that kids were using their cars as lockers,” said Associate Principal Jan Carlson. “This rule was made by the district because students need to be kept in a smaller area so that safety doesn’t become an issue.”

With limited faculty and nearly 1300 students to maintain a safe environment for, faculty felt overwhelmed by the amount of students wandering to the J-lot during brunch and lunch.

During Graminski’s leave in January, supervision of students during brunch and lunch was stretched thin. The administration has had reports of vandalism on cars, including spray paint and paint markers, brought to their attention. Some students felt targeted and the administration has investigated accusations of bullying. The administration has also reviewed the camera recordings of the J-lot.

“I have brought names of habitual offenders to the office,” said Graminski. “The amount of people in the Junior Lot has slowed down 85-90% because of my visual presence.”

However, the administration maintains the freedom for seniors to use the Senior Lot during brunch and lunch.

“It is not my goal to get kids in trouble,” said Graminski. “If you left a big project in your car and you need to get it before your class, then just ask me and I’ll be happy to allow you to get it from your car.”