Cheerleaders Place First at Nationals

Jessica Coleman and Jessica Coleman

The Miramonte Cheerleading squad made their debut as the first competitive cheer team in the Acalanes district when they placed first at the NCA Nationals Competition in Los Angeles. They competed in the small team division against teams that had up to three stunt groups, compared to their single one.

“We paved the way for future teams to be competitive,” said junior Christie Requa.

Prior to the competition, the loss of two team members discouraged the team and hindered their optimism.

However, the team decided that they wanted to compete regardless of their loss in numbers, and re-choreographed their routine.

Chances of a win at Nationals seemed slim, but the team felt prepared going into the competition.

“We went out on the floor hoping to hit a strong, clean routine,” said Requa. “We are proud of what we accomplished as a team, and that we fought through the hardships despite the fact that we competed against teams twice our size.”

The extra work from the cheerleaders and their coach, Rebecca George, proved to be worth it after their first place win.

“We saw Ms. George running towards us crying, and we all started screaming,” said Captain senior Sasha Belinsky. “I think it was one of the best moments of my life.”

Their win has inspired the team to stay competitive next year, but it depends on the amount of dedication that the new members have.

“We are with each other the entire year so we really bond and love each other,” said Belinsky. “We have a great team.”

The upcoming tryouts will determine the squad for the 2010-11 school year.