Measure A Passes, Programs Saved

Alex Seclow

On May 4, the Acalanes Union High School District won a major victory by passing Measure A.

The measure, which narrowly surpassed the required two-thirds votes, will help save numerous school programs and many teaching and administrative jobs. This parcel tax is a temporary tax of $112 per year for five years. There was a 52.16 percent voter turnout with 68.5 percent supporting the measure.

Co-chairs Joni Avery and Susie Epstein, along with volunteers Sarah Butler, Lisa Engstrom, Marian Shostrom and Matt Davis, as well as many other teachers and parents worked 26 phone bank nights to help make sure the measure passed.

Sandy Breber, Parents Club President, said, “Every school signed up for a night. Students, parents, teachers, and staff called people in the Lamorinda area to see whether or not they supported Measure A and if they had any questions about the measure. Measure A passing is very, very signficant. Now we can keep electives that complete Miramonte’s education.”
Seven periods will be available next year as well.

Principal Adam Clark said, “This gives our district $4.8 million dollars to fund programs. Ninety percent of this money will go to fund teacher salaries. If Measure A had not passed, Miramonte would have had to release about 12 teachers. The school would have no academic counselors, no librarians, no leadership, and much more. We are so glad Measure A passed.”
If the measure did not pass, the Acalanes Union High School District would have had to offset the $4.8 million deficit by possibly cutting 50 teachers, eliminating seventh period, and ending funding towards programs such as public speaking and journalism.

In the Lamorinda Weekly article titled “Measure A Wins by a Nose” Acalanes Superintendent John Stockton said, “It’s not about what’s right for adults; it’s about what’s right for our kids. We just are fortunate to have a very supportive community that is willing to respond to the needs of our kids. We’re really a model district for the rest of the state.”