Public Speaking Team Excels

James Boudreau

The Miramonte public speaking team has had an amazing season.
In mid-April, over 20 students from the team competed in the California High School Speech Association’s State Championship Tournament, where 13 students placed in the top 18 in their categories, including five in Student Congress, the team’s strongest event. Co-captain Brendan Bashin-Sullivan placed second.

“It’s been great to see the ‘Plant generation’ of public speaking coming into their zone,” said Bashin-Sullivan. “Especially seeing how some of our freshmen and first-year speakers have done so well, scoring well in the state tournament and making it to the national tournament.”

Right now Miramonte is ranked first in the state in student congress. In student congress, people pretend to be senators or representatives, and debate bills or resolutions.

The team hopes to continue their winning streak when they go to the National Forensics League Championships from June 13-18 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Seven students will be sent to Kansas City to represent Miramonte, including co-captains Anirudh Sapru and Bashin-Sullivan as well as two freshmen.

“I think we’ll do really well,” said Sapru. “We have seven great kids that are going.”

This is Sapru’s second year going to the national tournament.

“[It’s] hard to say [how I will do], it’s different from other tournaments,” said Sapru. “It’s nice enough just to go.”

At the national tournament, the team will compete in six different events, including Sapru competing in congress: house, and Bashin-Sullivan in congress: senate, junior Erin Anderson will be competing in dramatic interpretation, junior Conor Bean in international extemporaneous, freshmen Jason Lammert and Nick Olivier in public forum debate, and junior Emily Tribble in national extemporaneous.