Brown Campaign Features Former Mayor

Katrina Kovalik

Steve Glazer works as the official manager of Jerry Brown’s campaign for California governor

Steve Glazer, a Miramonte parent, Orinda City Council member and former Mayor of Orinda, now serves as campaign manager for 2010 California gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown.

Glazer was appointed Brown’s manager last January, but it wasn’t until March that Brown officially announced his candidacy for the November election.

In what will be an extremely close election according to multiple polls, Brown and Glazer will have to put forth a strong campaign in order to win against Republican candidate Meg Whitman.

Brown’s tagline for his candidacy is, “Let’s get California working again.” Glazer expanded on this slogan: “Jerry Brown is a great visionary leader. He has the independence, the knowledge and the know-how to get California working again.”

Brown already served two terms as California governor from 1975 to 1983 and two terms as the Mayor of Oakland from 1998 to 2006. Brown has unsuccessfully sought the Democratic nomination for president three times, and failed to win a seat in the U.S. Senate. Currently, Brown serves as the state’s Attorney General, a position he won in 2006. Due to the fact that Brown served his two terms as governor before term limits came into effect in 1990, he is eligible to run for a third term.

“Jerry Brown has experience,” said Glazer. “He’s definitely not a rookie. He can get the budget balanced and create jobs, so hopefully you kids can have jobs when you graduate.”

Brown and Glazer first worked together in 1978 when Glazer served as the manager for campaign activities on 20 college campuses during Brown’s re-election as governor. At the time, Glazer was only a junior at San Diego State University. Since then, Glazer has also served as Brown’s campaign manager for his unsuccessful bid for the Senate. Before reuniting with Brown, Glazer put his political knowledge to use by serving as press secretary for Gray Davis and David Roberti, as well as spokesperson for Rose Bird, the first female Chief Justice of California.

After graduating from college, Glazer spent 20 years gaining experience in the political field. He’s even established his own professional campaign company, Glazer and Associates. In 2009, Glazer sent Brown a letter offering to help with his campaign, and on Aug. 10, Brown asked him to be his senior political advisor. In January 2010, Brown officially appointed Glazer as his campaign manager.

Although working as Brown’s campaign manager requires a lot of work, 14 to 16 hours a day according to Glazer, he also said, “It’s a labor of love.” There are only a few weeks left before the election and those who are working on the campaign will finally see the fruits of their labor. Glazer said the hardest part of the campaign is trying to fit in more work than there are hours in the day.

Workers at Jerry Brown’s campaign headquarters use a giant blackboard as a creative outlet to display jokes and root for Brown. Photo: S. Fuller

As manager, Glazer must oversee all of the smaller groups in charge of grassroots organizing and social media, including the campaign’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as managing the campaign finances and research, which includes monitoring media outlets and keeping an eye on the actions of the opponent, Whitman.

In November 2004, Glazer began his four-year term as Mayor of Orinda and was re-elected in 2008. Throughout his terms, Glazer more than doubled the amount of residents involved in Orinda’s decision-making process (from 35 to 78 people), supported road repairs, such as the rebuilding of Moraga Way, and created the Public Safety Commission which deals with Orinda’s emergency preparedness.

Glazer got into politics when he was only in high school. He took the initiative to volunteer after school at the Democratic campaign headquarters in Sacramento and help out with elections for governor and the U.S. Senate.

Now, Miramonte students have the same opportunities. A few students are interning for Brown’s campaign, and Glazer said that more high school students are welcome to volunteer at the Contra Costa County Democratic Headquarters. Students can follow Brown’s campaign on Glazer’s Twitter, Steve4Jerry.