Independent Film Shoots in Orinda

Jamie Riley

Orinda resident, Julie Rubio, writes, directs and produces film, too perfect, and casts local kids

Most Orindans feel ample pride in their little town but would admit that it’s not known as an entertainment mecca.  But, on August 12, 2010, Orinda became a little more exciting when the crew of the independent film too perfect chose this small town as their filming location.   Director, producer, and writer of the film, Julie Rubio, couldn’t think of a better place to film her movie.

“It’s a really amazing little town,” said Rubio. “Cinematically, it’s beautiful when it comes to the whole 1940s, 1950s look. The Orinda Theater is a great art deco theater. We have all these amazing sets just sitting here.”

In too perfect, Rubio tells the story of Elijah Stevens, a young boy, and his four best friends as they celebrate their last day of middle school.  They look forward to what they believe will be their best summer ever; but after Elijah’s parents announce their divorce, he and his friends are forced to grow up and confront their innocence.

too perfect explores the power and depth of the moment before a big change happens,” said Rubio in her synopsis of the film.

The upcoming movie is based upon Rubio’s son, Elijah, and his own coming of age.

“I like to write about what I know,” said Rubio. “I always wanted to do a Stand by Me type of movie that takes place here in Orinda.”

Rubio thought that due to the filming location it was only fitting to cast fellow Orindians.  She was astonished at the abilities and raw talent that the kids possess.

“I was an actress in Los Angeles, New York and London and I know when I have seen it; that special quality in someone that makes someone stand out. These kids really have ‘it,’” said Rubio.

Although the majority of the characters are Orinda Intermediate School kids, a few Miramonte students made it into the film as well.  These actors include junior Devon McDonald, junior Tonii Maramonte, and senior Tyler Maramonte.  Although these students have small parts in the film, they each had enjoyable experiences.

“It was really cool seeing the whole crew set up the cameras and lighting and looking at the monitors during filming,” said Tyler Maramonte. “There was a lot of downtime so we all got to hang out and get to know each other.”

Rubio’s fellow producer and best friend, Ramona Maramonte, is excited about the powerful message of the movie.

“In the film, the boys have no idea that their lives are about to change,” said Maramonte. “The audience just sees the kids hanging out downtown and having fun.  This film is all about having fun when you’re a kid, because you never know when it can all be pulled right out from under you.”

too perfect is scheduled to finish by December and has seen interest from Hollywood.  All involved with the film would like to thank Republic of Cake, Loard’s Ice Cream, Theater Square, Orinda Theater, Miramonte High School, Peet’s Coffee and Tea, Kasper’s Hot Dogs, Shelby’s, Lava Pit, Petra Café, Pop Chips, and Vitamin Water for their sponsorship of and contribution to the film.