Register to Vote

Marina Allen and Marina Allen

You’re 18 today. Along with buying cigarettes, and pornography, and enlisting in the army, you now have the ability to vote. This is a celebratory event, a milestone in your lifetime, and after partying (see the above list of now, legal achievements more advice for a stellar time) it is time to exercise your civic duty. Allow me some space to stress and excuse the pseudo lecture: being of the appropriate age demands responsibility to your country. All it takes is putting in five minutes and 23 seconds. Voting can be fun, see. And it’s so easy!

Open a new tab on your browser. Click here. Take a breath, you’re halfway there to fully capitalizing on your rights. Fill out some legal forms with the normal questions: Name, Date of Birth, Zip Code, Social Security Number, Favorite Superhero etc. When selecting “political party” choosing the “Decline to State” means that you can’t vote in the primaries.

Complete! Congratulations on finishing your registration. How does it feel? Lively? Liberating? Happy? That’s what I thought. Now listen carefully, in approximately 14 days you will receive a printed registration form in the mail.

Submit the form by mail, stamp included, to the Contra Costa County Registrar of Voters. Remember to keep the printed number on your stub, this verifies that you registered to vote. I’m proud of you, you should be proud of yourself, but most importantly, America’s proud of you.