Homecoming is Here, There, and Everywhere at Miramonte

Reese Levine

From Oct. 4-9, most of Miramonte’s student body came out to celebrate the Beatle’s themed homecoming week, capped by a win by the football team Friday night and a dance Saturday night in the gym.

“We decided to do a Beatles theme for homecoming because we wanted something everyone could relate to,” said ASB Spirit Commissioner Kirby Schulz.

The Beatles were present in every aspect of homecoming week, including some of the songs played at the dance.

Students dressed up in semi-formal wear this year for the dance, a change from last year, when the dance was casual. According to ASB President Liza Katz, it was an opportunity for the underclassmen to have a semi-formal dance.

Homecoming royalty was announced at the dance. Philip Chang was crowned Homecoming King, while Brittany Anderson became Homecoming Queen. “I was pretty surprised,” said Anderson. The title of Prince went to Jacob Niles and Princess to Sarah Vaccaro.

According to Leadership teacher Valerie Peterson, 675 students attended the dance, over half the school and the largest turnout in the past couple years.

The night before the dance, Miramonte’s varsity football team beat Dougherty Valley 38-20 as much of the student body watched and celebrated. Miramonte quarterback Ross Anderson had a strong night, throwing one touchdown and running for three more.

Miramonte receiver Christian Thatcher caught a 43-yard pass from Anderson late in the first half that set up another touchdown and helped Miramonte put the game away. “I got a great jump on my guy and Ross just threw a perfect pass,” said Thatcher.

Homecoming activities actually started the Thursday before Homecoming week, when senior girls defeated freshmen girls at lunch in Powderpuff Football. The next day, junior and sophomore girls played, but their game ended in a tie. On Monday the sophomores won the tiebreaker.

The Powderpuff Football final took place during a special one-hour lunch on Thursday. The seniors beat the sophomores to take the title and bragging rights.

Students dressed up as their favorite decade on Tuesday and took part in a costume contest on the quad. Winners received prizes that included In-N-Out gift certificates.

On Wednesday, a game called Downpour Derby took place at lunch. Students sat across from each other and cranked pumps to fill up a bucket on top of their opponent’s head. The first person to fill the bucket dumps one and a half gallons of water on their opponent’s head.

Goldfish were given out as prizes for finding yellow submarines hidden around school and doing well in the many games on the quad on Wednesday. After lunch, many students walked around school with goldfish in plastic bags. “She’s actually doing great,” said sophomore David Allen, who named his fish Delilah.

Other students’ fish are not doing so great. “It won’t eat and just lies at the bottom of the tank,” said sophomore Alexander Jordan.

The Homecoming rally took place after fourth period on Friday and featured several students dressed up as the Beatles who pretended to play “Twist and Shout” and took part in a rap battle with other students pretending to be from Dougherty Valley.

“I feel really embarrassed to be dressed up like this,” said AP Euro and Econ/Gov teacher Xavier Frippiat. He kept his hair matted down in an attempt to imitate the hairstyle of the Beatles. Along with many other teachers, Frippiat danced as Beatles music played at the rally.

One controversial item at the rally was the announcement of the football team, which included some suggestive nicknames. “It was a big buzz kill and kind of threw off the positivity and enthusiasm,” said rally leader Alex Nicolaou.

Already, some students are missing the fun they had during Homecoming week. “It was good fun,” said sophomore Andrew Tan.