Police Investigate Student

Eric Hass and Michael Roe

Police questioned a freshman Miramonte student on Friday, Oct. 22 on suspicion of drug possession.

He was pulled out of class by a school official in the morning and was detained on campus. The student’s name cannot be released because he is a minor. Police cars were seen outside of the Miramonte attendance office that morning, according to eyewitness student accounts.
The disciplinary section of the Miramonte student handbook outlines that “possessed, sold or used drugs” can be punished by a five-day suspension up to expulsion.

According to Associate Principal Jan Carlson, the administration office contacted the police first regarding the offense.  Carlson also stated that it’s now a police investigation.

The Chief of Orinda Police Jeff Jennings could not mention anything regarding the event, citing that it is currently an ongoing investigation.

At this time, no official charges have been made against the student, though he remains suspended.
Detective Danny Jeffries, the officer in charge of school resources, is unsure about the number of students involved in this case.

A local newspaper report, which mentions that the student acquired marijuana grown at his guardian’s residence, has not officially been substantiated nor confirmed by the Orinda Police Department.