Texting Updates

Brain Friel

State-wide budget cuts aside, perhaps the biggest dilemma facing Miramonte coming this school year was finding a solution for the communication problem.

“We’re always looking for new ways to get info to our students,” said Principal Adam Clark. “We do such things as the daily bulletin and the Matador News, but when events are going on and new stuff comes out a lot of people still don’t know about them.”

Instead of attempting to reincarnate MatsTV, the administration turned to a new and previously shunned upon frontier: texting.
“I get texting updates from such things as ESPN and CBS Sports that I found really convenient, so I wanted to experiment with using those same kinds of updates for school related activities,” said Clark. “Along with the help of Mrs. Peterson and the Miramonte Parents Club, we found a way to conveniently send mass text updates to Miramonte students.”

By texting either MHS2011, MHS2012, MHS2013, or MHS2014 to 41411, students can now receive timely updates for all things Miramonte.

“We have the ability to send out updates that are class specific or school-wide,” said Clark. “These updates can be about anything, such as blurbs from the daily bulletin, but generally we want these texts to help promote school spirit.”

Notifications for sporting events, school plays, and lunchtime activities make up the majority of these updates. Clark also supplements these texts with updates on Miramonte’s Twitter page for parents to view as well.

“I really like the new texting updates,” said senior Dmitri Baefsky. “I think it’s a good way to keep me updated on important information.”
But as of Dec. 14, only about 300 students had signed up to receive the updates. “I actually found the updates kind of annoying,” said senior Blake Swimmer. “I’d rather not be connected to Miramonte 24/7.”

The administration has signed up for a year-long subscription and will reevaluate the success of the updates at the end of the year before they renew their contract.