Miramonte Adds New Classes for Next Year


Seventh period Foods students cook up a batch of crab cakes. Next year, students will have the option of taking Advanced Foods: International Cuisine.

Principal Adam Clark added four elective options for the 2011-2012 school year. These classes are currently offered at other schools in the district, so Clark chose to expand Miramonte’s elective selection. The additional electives will enrich students’ knowledge of international foods and Mandarin, and introduce students to unique subjects such as Law and Society and Computer Programming. While some classes like Mandarin 4 Honors and International Foods are continuations of current classes at Miramonte, computer programming offers an entirely new subject for students to explore. “Our intent is to offer students a wide variety of educational paths and opportunities to pursue,” said Clark. Below are descriptions for the four new class options.

Law and Society
The Law and Society class will be available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors, but is geared towards sophomores as an alternative social science option apart from AP European History. Focusing on mock trials and simulations, the class will revolve around traditional American law. Law and Society should not be confused with the Contemporary Issues class that was offered several years ago.

Advanced Foods: International Cuisine
Advanced Foods: International Cuisine will offer students the opportunity to learn not only how to cook international foods, but also about different countries’ climates, geographies, and social traditions. Students will also learn about environmental impacts on food and the importance of the food trade.

Mandarin 4 Honors

Mandarin 4 Honors will be a continuation for students who have been in the current three-year-old Mandarin program. Students will familiarize themselves with idioms and common expressions of the language and delve deeper into Chinese culture. Mandarin 4 will emphasize listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Intro to Computer Programming

For the first time at Miramonte, Computer Programming will be offered as a class. Students will be introduced to the Java Programming language, and will learn about “Windows” styled programs, gaming logic, interfaces, and applets. “Because we’re only one hour away from Silicon Valley, it’s logical to have a computer class,” said Head Counselor Lois Halls.