Increased Burglary in Orinda

Annie Odell

Orinda has experienced a rise in the number of residential burglaries during the past couple of months. According to Jeanette Irving of the Orinda Police Department, there have been eight incidents reported on Alice Ln., Oak Rd., and Spring Rd., and three on Las Vegas, Claremont, and Via Farallon Ave. Officers have reported to 76 false alarm calls throughout Orinda.  There have been three auto burglary incident reports on Meadow Ln, Morage Via, and Hartford Rd. One stolen vehicle has also been reported.

On Mon. April 18, a house located on Camino Sobrante was burglarized. While the family’s four kids were at school, the mother was out and the father was at work, robbers broke in the side door of the house. The burglars took TVs, iPods, an iPad, laptops and a large amount of jewelry. The police have two suspects, however they have not caught anyone yet.

“My older brother went home after school to find the side door wide open and the TV gone,” said an anonymous freshman. “He then called the police and both my mom and Orinda police officers came right away.”

The family has taken precautionary actions in response to the robbery. However, the police told the family that their house is the least likely to get robbed again soon because the robbers already took everything.

“We changed the locks in our house and are just being extra careful about locking the doors,” said the  freshman. “If I could talk to the robber, I would ask how they could go through our house seeing all of our family pictures and still go on with the robbery.”

Luckily, some Orinda families have been more fortunate, catching the robber before any harm could be done. On Fri. May 6, a white car drove into the driveway of junior Kelly McGonigle. A tall skinny man with long hair got out and attempted to open the McGonigle’s door leading to their garage. Both parents were home, and mother Sandra McGonigle went out and asked the man what he was doing.
“I am looking for 23 Marin Way,” the man responded. Knowing that there is no Marin Way around the location of the McGonigle’s house, father John McGonigle called the police and described the man and the type of car he was driving.

“An hour or so after the incident, my parents got a call from the Orinda Police saying that the burglars had been caught,” said McGonigle.

To prevent burglary, experts suggest having bright interior and exterior lighting, installing alarm systems, keeping windows closed and locked when out of the house, installing solid-core metal or wood doors that cannot be pryed open, and always keeping garage doors closed.

For more information on burglary and theft prevention, contact the Orinda Police Department at (925)-254-6820.