Orinda’s Cheryl’s Closet Sells Designer Clothes at Low Prices


Although it’s a small store, Cheryl’s Closet is jam-packed with fashionable clothes, accessories, and shoes.

Mary Kate Engstrom, Staff Writer

Located on 21 Orinda Way, Cheryl’s Closet features a variety of gently used clothes and accessories from designers including Free People, Gucci, Betsy Johnson, J-Crew, Joe, and many more. Store owners and Orinda residents Brenda Horne and Jackie Moreau are continually working to make the store an appealing place for local teens and women.

“We love the sensory experience of working with luxury clothing, shoes, accessories, and working with amazing people,” said Horne. “It’s all about the treasure hunt: finding great items at affordable prices is  always exhilarating.”

If you’re looking for good deals or just want to go shopping, Cheryl’s Closet offers the best of both worlds.

“Don’t think that because it’s a consignment store the clothes are old and not wearable,” said Horne. “They’re current, cute, and very wearable.”

Open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday, Cheryl’s Closet gets consigners almost every day and gives 40 percent of the sales profits back to the consigner. Or if consigners want, they can create an account and donate all their profit to the charity of their choice.

One charity Horne and Moreau feel passionate about is The Princess Project. The Princess Project is an organization that buys prom dresses for impoverished teens so they can attend one of the best nights of their high school lives. This year Cheryl’s Closet has sold fifteen prom dresses and donated all the earnings to The Princess Project. Along with the donations, owners of Cheryl’s Closet plan to give all the dresses they don’t end up selling to the project as well.

“Prom dresses have become so expensive these days and most girls don’t even wear their dresses again after the event,” said Horne. “We urge teens to donate their dresses to organizations like The Princess Project or to consign them so that other girls can get the chance to feel as beautiful as they did.”
Owners for Cheryl’s closet feel strongly about reusing, recycling, and not wasting anything. Walking through the store, reusable, fashionable grocery bags are available for purchase.

“Even if all you’re doing to help the world is not using plastic shopping bags, it helps,” said Horne. “We strongly believe that even the smallest things can make a difference.”