Treasure Island Redevelopment

Georgia Briskey, Staff Writer

Just off the San Francisco shore, Treasure Island is a known but underrated landmark. Plans to redevelop and popularize the island are being updated.

In early 2000, the Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA) initiated a plan to redevelop Treasure Island. The TIDA Board and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors endorsed the plan in 2006, and updates were recently made this month.

The redevelopment plans include 8,000 new residential units, three hotels, new restaurants, shops and entertainment venues. In addition, there will be a 400-slip marina, 300 acres of parks and open space. The new Treasure Island will be designed for easy walking, biking and public transit.

Treasure Island is connected to Yerba Buena Island, which is connected to the Oakland Bay Bridge. Commuting to and from Yerba Buena, Treasure Island, and the rest of San Francisco is toll-free in both directions.

The Budget and Finance Subcommittee of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved the project’s financial plan for consideration by the full board.

The redevelopment plan was set to make more progress on May 11, 2011, however there was a setback due to environmental issues. Organizations led by Sierra Club in San Francisco complained that the enviornmental impact reports failed to describe what the project entailed.

In addition to the plan coming to a temporary halt, there are also complaints that the increased number of residential units will affect the flow of traffic on the Oakland Bay Bridge. The new Treasure Island is said to increase the population from 2,400 to 19,000, which will create a bigger traffic jam for workers commuting across the Bay Bridge. Despite the minor setbacks, the redevelopment for

Treasure Island is making progress.