Football Game Violence Raises Concerns

Kate Wolffe, Staff Writer

On the evening of Sept. 16, two junior boys were assaulted on school grounds after attending the Miramonte versus Fremont High School of Oakland football game.
The boys were heading back to their cars with a friend when a young man approached them by the right entrance to the gym and started asking them some general questions.
“He seemed calm and non-threatening,” said one of the boys. “We didn’t sense that anything was wrong.”
The man then proceeded to ask the boys if they knew who number 15 on the varsity football team was. In hindsight, the boys think this was a tactic to detain them momentarily, as there is no number 15 on the team.
Having successfully stopped the boys, the man punched them both in the face and fled, rendering one unconscious and the other with a deep gash in his lip.
“We were completely shocked—the pain really didn’t set in until later,” one of the boys said. Their friend called out for help, and the boys were taken to athletic trainer John Grigsby and the sports medicine team for assistance until an ambulance arrived.
“John and the sports medicine staff were incredibly efficient and professional,” said Principal Adam Clark. The boys both agreed.
One of the students received internal bleeding within his chin from a gash made by his own teeth, and he suffered from intense head pain. The other student may have to undergo surgery.
“I’ve lost all feeling in my six front teeth,” he said. “The nerve endings are dead.”  He also said he has no clear recollection of being hit or the moments right before.
“Other people have had to tell me what happened,” he said. “I really don’t remember.”
“Whenever you bring people on campus for sporting events, there is always the potential for their emotions to get the best of them,” said Clark.
“It was just a random act, spurred on by someone who needed to get something off his chest,” one of the boys said. For this reason, Clark does not believe that additional security measures should be put in place at Miramonte activities.
“We aren’t trying to be reactionary to random acts, we’re trying to prevent those that we can prevent,” Clark said.
The Bay Area witnessed sporting event-related violence in the recent shootings and attacks that occurred at the 49ers versus Raiders and Dodgers versus Giants games.
On the evening of Aug. 21, during a pre-season game between the 49ers and the Raiders at Candlestick Park, two fans were shot and one was greviously injured.
In a separate incident, on Opening Day at the Dodger’s stadium this summer, a Giants fan was severely beaten by irritated Dodgers supporters.