New Classes Excite MHS

Devin Mottier, Staff Writer

Mixing things up has never been so easy thanks to Miramonte’s most recent class additions. As of this year, sophomores through seniors are offered two brand new courses; Law and Society and Intro to Computer Programming.

Law and Society, taught by Campbell Hunter, covers the basics of American law as well as foreign law. The program was added after its success at various other schools such as Campolindo High School and Piedmont High School. It has become an extremely popular alternative to AP Euro according to Head Counselor Lois Halls.

“Students enrolled in Law and Society are exposed to a new type of classroom experience filled with discussion, debate, mock trials, legal-based hypothetical situations,” said Piedmont High School teacher Rich Kitchens, developer of the class and its textbook.

The classroom atmosphere is much different than other courses as well.

“Freedom of speech is strongly enforced,” said sophomore Cari Carter. “We always are encouraged to say how we feel about a certain subject. It’s really fun knowing that we don’t have to hold back our opinions.”

Intro to Computer Programming is an experimental class taught by the much loved math teacher Cindy Boyko. In the course, students use Java and Scratch, two application-creating softwares, to make games and web pages. The new class has had a postive effect on the receptive students.

“It’s really fun sharing our creations with everyone else in the class,” said senior Isaac Lee. “It also helps that Mrs. Boyko is an extraordinary teacher.”

These classes vary greatly in subject, but cover the same task of setting students up on an alternative route for their future and impacting them in more ways than one.

So whether you’re taking one of these new classes because of the amazing teacher or just fascinating curriculum, the new editions are a great ways to broaden your horizons.