The News In Brief

Kelsi Lerner and Cameron White

Miramonte students returned from their summer vacations to find additions to the school’s campus. The new additions to Miramonte have been an effort by the administration to improve the overall classroom experience for students.

New additions include the renovation of the foods room, a bathroom addition to the special education classroom, the Extron Projection Systems installed in most classrooms, new computers for some classrooms, improvement on the pathway to the visitor bleachers at the football stadium, a new scoreboard for the football stadium, as well as some general maintenance and repairs.

The foods room, room 346, has been updated with a more industrialized kitchen. The interior was drastically changed with new wooden cabinets, professional stoves, and ovens. The new foods room was scheduled to be done in August, but did not make the deadline.

“I’m really excited about moving in, it’s going to change the way instruction goes,” said foods teacher Valerie Peterson. “We’ll be moving from the old kitchen to a more industrial style. I want it to be done well instead of rushed.”

By the end of the year, every classroom at Miramonte will have the new Extron Projection System. Miramonte is the last school in the district to adopt this system, and the staff is hopeful about how the new developments will affect the student body.

“We want kids to learn,” said Associate Principal Jan Carlson.

All money for technology was donated from Measure E passed by the citizens of Orinda.
Along with all the new additions and maintenance this year, there were also some major things that had to be repaired. Last winter, the small gym and weight room were affected by water damage. The district tried their best to get the building ready for the start of the school year, but repairs have gone into the first few weeks of school.