Club Day

Caroline Colwell

Miramonte High School had their annual Club Day at lunch on Friday, Sept. 23. Club officers set up tables on the quad, enticing students to join.

The Croquette Club, the Diversity Club, and the Quidditch club are just three of the 45 clubs at Miramonte this year. The Latin Club remains the largest on campus, but some new clubs, such as the Jason Bourne Club, in which students watch and discuss the Jason Bourne movies, the Trebel Makers, a singing club, and the Students Anonymous Club, which offers a safe environment for students to escape the stress of high school, proved very popular amongst students.

“Club Day is a great opportunity for students to learn about all the different clubs and it provides them with an opportunity to sign up so they can participate throughout the year,” said Principal Adam Clark.

Senior Kelly Noah explained that the purpose of her club, the Hapa Club, was to give students an opportunity to celebrate the Asian-American culture. “Hapa,” she said, is a Hawaiian term for people with a part-Asian heritage. Another Club, The California Scholarship Foundation, promotes high standards of scholarship and community service for high school students.

The Sailing Club, the Dodgeball Club, the Harambee East Africa Club, and the Orinda Teen Advisory Council(OTAC) are some more of the clubs offered to Miramonte students. “Club day is magic. Magic, magic, magic. The people, the clubs, the atmosphere. Truly stuff that belongs in Harry Potter,” said sophomore Kate Wolffe, member of the Quidditch, Diversity, and Sailing Clubs.