Car Crashes Send Students Spinning

Nicola Gonzales, Staff Writer

Within the past two months, Miramonte has experienced two separate four-car accidents in Miramonte’s proximity that caused both faculty and students harm. Car accidents in the Miramonte area are becoming increasingly common because of the carelessness in which students drive and the chaos of the overcrowded street Miramonte resides on.  

The first of the two occurred on Sept. 1, not two weeks into the school year. One of the crash victims included a teacher, who was forced to miss several days of school due to a back injury. This accident was a result of the chaos of the classic stop-and-go Miramonte traffic. One moment of looking at your texts can cause lasting damage to individuals.

The next accident was a four-car crash caused by one rear end, on Sept. 30. One junior stopped abruptly, and while the two cars after followed suit, the third neglected to and crashed into the ones in front. One of the juniors involved was sent to the hospital due to a possible shoulder injury, and her car was totaled. A sophomore’s car was also totaled in that accident, and her neck was sore for the following days.

“It was really scary. My first thought was ‘Shoot! I’m in trouble!” said the sophomore, “honestly I thought my car was blowing up.”

Car crashes cause huge monetary damage to those involved. A totaled car can cost thousands of dollars and months without a car. Usually, one’s insurance will cover the damage, but the loss of freedom is frustrating to students. Many have had their licenses for over a year and aren’t used to relying on parents for rides.

Most of the victims concerned reported signs of shock after their accidents. They got out of their cars, went to see if everyone was okay, and helped each other out.

These accidents have led some alarmed students and parents to wonder if the driving situation is safe around Miramonte. However, most seem to think it’s as safe as it’s going to get.

“It’s as good as it’s going to be, and accidents do happen,” said a senior involved in one of the accidents, “People just have to pay attention to the road.”

“Don’t text and drive,” advised the sophomore involved.

According to research done by the University of Utah, texting and driving is equivalent to having a blood alcohol level of .08%. The number one source of driver negligence is the use of a wireless gadget. The importance of using hands-free devices has never been as crucial as it is now, especially in the daily Miramonte traffic.

Principal Adam Clark also believes that the current driving situation around Miramonte is safe, but the problem is that students don’t follow the traffic laws. The majority of the students do obey the rules, but phones have caused interference.

The school has already taken more measures to help fix the chaos in the morning by opening the cafeteria at 7:30 a.m. and not allowing sophomores to park on campus. Also, students who don’t have their year are not allowed to get carpool passes. Other popular routes to school in order to avoid the traffic is the infamous left turn on Ivy Drive, and the right turn on Valley View, which allows students to speed through neighborhoods in attempt to get to school on time, which encourages speeding.  

“The problems occur when students leave their houses rushing, hearts beating, texting, and speeding on the side roads,” said Clark, “One just has to be patient and leave with enough time to spare.”