Weight Room Opens to Mixed Reaction

Natalie Wapniarski, Staff Writer

Last year Miramonte Boosters Club donated $75,000 toward a new weight room.

According to Athletic Director Vince Dell’Aquila, the decade old, broken equipment was retired after frequent use. The equipment was replaced with seven new weight stations. As of Nov. 1 the weight room has seven new bench stations, three old bikes, an old calf raise, and new medicine balls.

“The weight room is cleaner and now state-of-the-art, graciously donated by the Miramonte Boosters,” said Dell’Aquila.

The increased open space in the middle of the room is a noted change from the old weight room. Some students have had a positive reaction to the updated facility.

“The new weight room is great. It has new lifting stations and better machines,” said senior Kyle Weikert. “With the open space and new machines there’s a lot of flexibility.”

Dell’Aquila and Principal Adam Clark have high hopes that the new weight room will accommodate more sports teams than in the past. Additionally, Dell’Aquila hopes that it will help teams improve their performance.

Before the renovation the weight room had a wide span of free weights, but as of Nov. 1 there is an absence of free weights.

“Right now the only thing is that there are no free weights in the weight room. There’s no way to work on the biceps,” said junior Matt Solit.

Clark said that there will be new free weights added to the facility soon.

Although the new equipment may be new and improved, the room lacks body specific equipment.

“Something I miss from the old weight room is the amount of exercise machines it used to have,” said Weikert. “There used to be more muscle specific machines.”

Criticism of the weight room culture still exists. A staff member has expressed her dislike of the new weight room. Some females believe the equipment selected to be sexist and not accommodating to all sports.

“It is very kind that the Boosters donated this money toward new equipment for the weight room, but all they paid for was man machines. There’s nothing for girls,” said the staff member. “Not only do girls not bench, but what about all the other sports that don’t lift for strengthening? How are they suppose to use the weight room?”

“It does not just exclude girls but also boys who don’t want to lift weights,” said junior Madeline Hudak.

The weight room is arguably not gender equitable. The new equipment may be beneficial for boys and maybe some girls who lift, but a majority of the girls at Miramonte don’t have any use for benches.

Dell’Aquila said that the weight room would be more female user friendly but many females disagree.

“There is nothing for me to really do in there, unless I want to do squats for hours,” said sophomore Kaitey Caron. “In the old weight room I could work on core, or legs and with multiple different machines at that.”

The old weight equipment is not allowed to be sold according to Clark due to liability issues. Therefore, the items have been donated to various sources, most going to Emery High School.

“It was awesome to get all this donated equipment from Miramonte,” said Emery High Athletic Director Cameron Clarke. “We need this equipment for sure. All of ours is about 40 years old.”

Clark, Dell’Aquila, and the Boosters Club decided what equipment to purchase for the weight room with the money donated by the Boosters Club.

The cheerleading team is very excited to use the new equipment.

“We want to use the weight room to make our base cheerleaders stronger,” said senior captain Emelia Hildreth. “We want to be able to do cooler stunts with ease.”

Although the team is excited to use to weight room, there are some worries of how the team will use the equipment.

“Only people who have been in a gym before would know how to properly use the equipment without hurting themselves,” said senior captain Tatyana Belinsky.