√-1 Love Math!

Colleen Burke, Staff Writer

Posted on colored fliers sprinkled around the school, the name MathLab sparks interest among many of the faculty and students at Miramonte. Is it a program? A game maybe? In reality the MathLab is something much more helpful than any math computer game that students played when they were younger. Although they don’t get to experience the intense pressure of getting multiplication problems correct in order to save the world, students do receive a great amount of help.

In early November the math department banded together for the ultimate brainstorm for providing extra help to students, and they came up with the idea of MathLab. It is a simple program that provides extra help on homework, support for students who are struggling, or even just offer a quiet place to concentrate. MathLab is a drop-in tutoring lab available at lunch in Cindy Boyko’s room, 242, and in Mike Plant’s room, 233, during seventh period  until 3:30 p.m.

Those who have attended MathLab find it helpful; not only is it a safe place to learn, but it is a fun place to learn.

“MathLab made me more confident and made me love math again,” said sophomore Simone Britto. Many students go in at lunch in order to study before tests they have later that day or week.

The MathLab atmosphere is calm, friendly, and inviting. There is always one or more math teachers who have generously offered up their time to assist students who need a little one-on-one math tutoring. Other math students who understand the material are also available as peer tutors.

“When I attended MathLab I got the chance to speak to Mr. Plant, but also got help from my good friend Alyssa Henderson,” said sophomore Julia Duncan. “It’s definitely a good program and I advise anyone who need math help to go in because it’s not uncomfortable and it’s a chill atmosphere. Plus often you can spot Mr. Plant’s awesome Nikes!”

A sign-up sheet in the MathLab rooms tracks students’ attendance in order to determine the programs value. MathLab will continue to be available as it is needed. “Cheers!”