Mats Check is Back


Seniors Sarah Vaccaro and Micah Solit pose by one of the Mats Check signs posted around Miramonte.

Maddie Nicolaisen, Staff Writer


The leadership class brought back “Mats Check” on Nov. 18, after a four-year hiatus. Every Friday, the office will look at the students who are present at school that day, and choose one at random. The leadership class will then go through the halls chanting “Mats Check!” as they walk to the unsuspecting student’s classroom. If the selected student is wearing any Miramonte attire, they will win a $5 gift card, if not, the gift card goes into the “pot” towards the next Mats Check winner, up until the amount is $20. Then the process starts over again.

On Nov. 18 junior Danny Popcke was selected, however he was not wearing anything from Miramonte so he did not receive a gift card, “It was too bad I wasn’t wearing anything. I’ll definitely start wearing my Mats gear now,” said Popcke. The next person picked is eligible for a gift of $10.

The class is hoping to promote school spirit amongst students by encouraging them to wear their Mats clothing. “We really just want Miramonte to have spirit again. That’s why we brought it back,” said a junior leadership student, Kendall Kovalik ’11.

Students are reacting enthusiastically to the new attempt to amp up the school spirit. “I think it’s a great way to promote school spirit,” said senior Sarah Brovelli “It’s easy and it will really get people to dress up. Who doesn’t want gift cards and free things?”