Crash on Moraga Way Causes Power Outage, Major Traffic Jams


PG&E trucks fix the broken power line on Moraga Way.

Megan Freeman, Editor-in-Chief

Around 10:00 last night, a toppled power line plunged Orinda into a temporary power outage. As if that wasn’t enough to upset the study habits of Miramonte’s hardworking students, the resulting roadwork shut down a significant portion of Moraga Way this morning, causing many students to arrive at school well past the first period tardy bell.

“At about 10:30 last night, we got a call that someone had crashed into a power line on Moraga Way,” firefighters at Station 44 said. “We were sleeping, so we got up and headed over there—but there was no car there. There was just a broken pole sort of hanging from the telephone lines, but nobody around.”

The pole that collapsed held a combination of power and telephone lines, so PG&E and cable companies arrived at the scene quickly to blockade the road with flares and direct traffic through a detour.

Three massive cherry pickers drove in to hoist workers to the top of the power lines where they began sawing the broken pole into large pieces and lowering them carefully down. They then inserted a new pole and began to re-wire the cables. About twenty more large trucks parked nearby aided in the delicate operation.

“We had to shut this whole area down because it just wasn’t safe to have cars driving around underneath all this chaos,” a PG&E representative said.

The workers appeared cheerful and energetic, despite the fact that many had been on the scene since before sunrise.

If everything remains on schedule, Moraga Way should be open again by 7:00 tonight, so there may be more delays when school gets out. Drive carefully on the detours and stay safe!